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Who is required to file TDS Return?

  • Whoever makes payments like salary, interest, commission, professional fees, contract payment etc. to other person has to deduct a specified % of tax (called TDS) before making such payment and file a return for the same.
  • TAN is required for the purpose of TDS return filing.
  • One cannot claim refund of the tax deducted unless a TDS return is filed by the deductor.
  • PAN of deductees/ employees is required for depositing TDS in their name.
  • Frequency- Quarterly.
  • Due Date- Last date of next month (except for Jan-Mar quarter- 31st May)

TDS Return

Salary (24Q)
Non-Salary (26Q)
NRI (27Q)
TCS (27EQ)
Others (Please Specify)


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